Steel yourselves! Vernon will explain why testing and test strategy are for the testers and everyone else should just do what they're told.

An AST webinar on June 21st members.associationforsoftware

Steel yourselves! Eric will argue that context-driven testing should make space for best practices.

An AST webinar on 21st June. members.associationforsoftware

What helps testers create value through testing, and how can we learn the things that matter?

Find out in our discussion with the star panellists George Lysen, Chris Kenst, and Dwayne Green, hosted by Lalit Bhamare.

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Steel yourselves! Lee will argue that a separate testing phase is the best way to ensure testing happens at the right time and enable the necessary gatekeeping.

An AST webinar on 30th January.


Steel yourselves! Philip B. Crosby famously claimed that quality is free in his revolutionary 1979 book. Anne-Marie will argue that his thoughts are now more valid than ever in an AST webinar on 30th January.

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