I miss my daughter so much it physically hurts sometimes ❤️🦄🌈💔

Mementos and things from her are all around the house, and still show up all these years later.

"I'm not going to discuss this with you unencrypted," needs to become a normal part of our modern vocabulary.

#privacy #safety #encryption

At end of a talk of frequent (approaching continuous) releases with release quality and zero bugs policy / fix-and-forget, someone asks me what would I do if I all of a sudden found 150 bugs and could not keep track of them.

I needed to remind them that I would revert the change that would fix the 150 and try again making the change. And that sounds like an awfully big batch, not at all what I was talking about.

Good reminder that we live worlds apart in different projects.

@the_qa_guy You were soooo right about "Lord Of The Lost", fully enjoying the Blood&Glitter album right now 😍 @alex_schl

Well... that didn't take long. Woke up this morning with spam account that had to apply to sw-development-is.social and given the reason "5t4rgb" 🤣

On that note, my apologies to all the instance members for the amount of spam that ended up on the local timeline before I had a chance to address this.

If you see new incoming spam (or anything else) don't hesitate to report it so I get a chance to deal with it. Thank you for your understanding.

//Your Friend Instance Admin 😉

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As announce a couple of weeks ago I have now updated the rules for joining sw-development-is.social from open registration to people now having to supply a reason for joining and having an admin approve the request.

To be clear, everyone is still welcome to join, so far we don't capacity issues and everyone of you lovely people who have joined helps set a wonderful tone in discussions and posts ❤️.

I've only made this update to stop the increasing amount of spam accounts joining.

Last day in Florida. Gave my class and got 4.8/5 from the participants. But I'm super happy that my "Testing in the Cloud From All Four Corners of the World!" got 10/10 from every... single... Participant 😎

Thanks TechWell Corp and Coveros, always an utter delight to be working with you over the years.


Packing and preparing for my flight to StarEAST 2023 tomorrow where I'll be teaching my 2-day class "Python for Testers" followed by a 1-day tutorial "Testing in the Cloud From All Four Corners of the World!"

Announcement: In the coming days I will start restricting the ability of new users to register with sw-development-is.social without any approval or screening.

The reason is that in recent days spam accounts have started finding their way into the server, and consequently I've started getting spam reports.

Note that any humans following the server rules will still be most welcome to join, the only exception will be that it will need to be approved by an administrator first.

Sentient or not, bees deserve our care. Industrial agriculture has done great harm to the environment, including to its smallest inhabitants. ‘Bees are sentient’: inside the stunning brains of nature’s hardest workers theguardian.com/environment/20

When my cat simply can't wait for me to come upstairs and home from work 😻 ❤️

> Seeing a worn out `:` and `q` could tell other practitioners something about editor usage

#MastodonGuides Feb 5, 2023

The amazing hachyderm admin Kris Nóva @nova just presented an fantastic talk at #fosdem about managing growth over the last few months. Here is her excellent blog post on the subject:

Kris Nóva: Leaving the Basement >>> community.hachyderm.io/blog/20

Even if you are not technical, this is an astonishing glimpse into the work going on behind the scenes to make Mastodon a reality. Thank you Kris!

#twittermigration #mastoadmin
More Guides >>> medium.com/@mastodonmigration/

Developers, here's a tip. If you want your PRs to be more likely to get picked up for testing and quicker by your friendly team tester, include a section "How to test".

I have a developer on my current team who write fantastic test instructions (not what to test, but how to setup). She's fantastic and it's absolutely wonderful to help getting the testing started quicker (and reduces some of the cognitive load).

Don't forget that "9 out of 10 testers" are live... like.. now.
Just started so make sure you join for some humorous banter and chat. Todays topic: "Semantics at work, IYKYK"


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