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Jag ber om ursäkt till min man att jag gömmer mig i sovrummet nu när representant för solcellsbolaget är här och inspekterar.

Förlåt. Jag är fortfarande traumatiserad efter den gången då pianostämmaren var hos oss och tryckte på tangenterna och ropade “Hör du hur illa det låter?” medan jag fattade inte vad han pratade om.

Igår på ett café när jag köpte biscotti till fika sade jag till mig själv att låta bli uttala det namnet på italienska eftersom det låter för pretentiöst.
Så istället råkade jag uttala “Biscotti” med någon sorts amerikansk accent “Biscaaaaati”och desutom högre än alla andra ord och nu måste jag hitta annan plats att fika på.

Today's a good day since I get to go outside for a cup of coffee with my wife and start a new book by Adrian Tchaikovsky ( @aptshadow ) that she gave me for Christmas ❤️📙🎄

Gave my wife this year's Christmas gift that I made (I played it safe and gave her books as well just in case 😅) Mystery wood donated by two different friends and walnut inside. Self made hinges from copper bar.


"If the train leaves every 5 minutes you don't care about a timetable. If it leaves every 2 days you want to know *exactly* when it leaves"
Great analogy from reflecting on planning, estimating and software delivery.


Any of my tester friends interested in helping out with a post grad research project?
They are looking for tester types to contribute via a survey at qfreeaccountssjc1.az1.qualtric

You don't want to miss another episode of "9 out of 10 testers" - Live in... well now..

9 out of 10 testers - Festive Rants

I'm happy to announce that the Association for Software Testing (@AST) has graciously become a sponsor of

They're covering hosting costs for the coming year with the intent to help this instance serve as a vibrant and safe place for testers and developers to talk about the theory and practice of our work, have a laugh, provide support, feel supported, and gain access to the Fediverse.

We just had to buy a new dishwasher and had it installed yesterday. So now I look forward to the coming 6 months of dishwasher advertisements in my online life.

Today I'm organizing an end-of-year for my team and I've decided we're doing a "Marie Kondo" theme. Let's see how it goes.

⭐ What Sparks Joy?
Thank You & Goodbye
♻️ Things to Up-Cycle

Take a moment to read the CoC if you haven't and feel right at home 😃

If you're new to the Fediverse and feel a little confused, don't worry we all did when joining. Here are a couple of resources if you want to read up a little.

"Fedi-what? What the heck is Mastodon?"


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EuroSTARConf (@EuroSTARConf), Lars Eckart (@lars), vickky133 (@vickky133), szilardszell (@szilardszell), EuroSTARconferences (@EuroSTARconferences), Stéphanie (@stephdesby), joelmonte (@joelmonte), Parveen (@parveenkhan), dimitris (@dimitris), Naser (@naser) was created as a place for testers, developers, and like minded to have a relaxed social instance to hang out in, I'm very glad to have you all here.

I'm local and friendly instance admin Kristoffer Nordström

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It was a while since I last did this, so a longer list today :-D

Welcome to and the Fediverse Christian Baumann (@chrissbaumann), Sophie Pofie (@MlleSophiePofie), kalidasya (@kalidasya), James Lyndsay (@workroomprds), kinofrost (@kinofrost), ThomasG_Tester ThomasG_(@Tester), BenjaminoGT-F (@BenjaminoGTF), betlamed (@betlamed), Aaron_McKay Aaron_(@McKay), maaeli (@maaeli), The GROWs Method® (@growsmethod), AST (@AST), roger_pique @roger(_pique), malte (@malte) [cont...]

There is something here just around the corner I feel where the tool can be used to help in assisting me writing various kinds of text with me giving it enough input.

So far it produced a very well structured bug report looking more or less what I would have written as well as a tester. Without any context and completely made up of course (the Chat bot.. not me!)

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Next I asked it in the same conversation:

"Now rewrite it as a cyberpunk story in the style of William Gibson"

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Today's funny. I guess my secret dream as a software tester is to rescue the world... from dinosaurs! So I asked ChatGPT the following:

"write a short sci-fi story about the adventures of a software tester travelling through a virtual reality to save everyone from dinosaurs"

The short story left something to be desired... but tragically its better than what I could have written 🤣

We had a #FroGSconf lean coffee today and it was great! Big thanks to co-hosts @ez and Sanne, and to all the participants!

Our next event will be a full-day unconference on Saturday 11 March 2023. It starts at 10am CET. Hope to see you there!

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