“There must have been a moment, at the beginning, where we could have said -- no. But somehow we missed it.”

― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

@allenholub I suspect the people who focus on the distinction between “checks” and “tests” think words have more power than I think they do.

A particularly good insight to me from @joeposaurus today: we should get to choose people who coach us, and we don't get to choose our managers. So we should not automatically think our managers get to or have to coach us.

Some of the best growth has come from seeking the people you yourself want to grow with.

@jchyip It doesn't for me. I cycle inside chapters. I move chapters around and that's *before* the inevitable rearchitecture of the entire book.
But, that's me.

. @janetgregoryca & I are starting a new 7 part blog post series, based on the 7 key success factors in #AgileTesting. Check out the first post, "Don't forget the big picture"! agiletestingfellow.com/blog/po We'd love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave comments!

Don't let the things you don't know block you.

I'm excited to announce my first commercial venture since leaving SmartBear with @tooky 🎉

If you're struggling with User Stories that are hard to break down, or seem to blow up into huge epics when you start development, you need our #SlicingUserStories workshop:


Starting on 24th April, we'll meet for 3 x 90-minute workshops in the first week, then a final follow-up session a week later once you've had a chance to try out what you learned.

#Agile #Scrum #UserStories

. @janetgregoryca and I have written a new mini-book about her #HolisticTesting model. It's available for free download (no need to share any of your info!) on AgileTestingFellow.com.

1. Don't copy & paste untested code you don't necessarily understand into your projects

2. Don't write lots of comments. They rarely help to make the code easier to understand.

3. Favour continuous code review (e.g., pair programming) and don't rely on Pull Requests to police quality.

4. Don't write tests derived from implementations. Favour tests driven by requirements instead.

5. Coding faster != delivering value sooner.

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„The primary task of a developer is not the writing of code but to understand a problem. The writing of tests helps to understand a problem step by step. The tests do not drive the development as an end in itself. They drive the development to trigger the required thought processes.”

Create conditions that make motivation emerging from a team more likely. @DianaOfPortland #ScanAgile

Being visible as a learner takes courage. We’ve been grown in organizations where leaders are expected to have all the answers. @DianaOfPortland #ScanAgile

So, what are essential skills for a successful Agile Coach or a Scrum Master? We will discuss this at the Women in Agile & Tech Calgary meetup on April 27th at 2pm EDT.
Looking forward to your contributions and questions! lnkd.in/eRi89YB3

There is hope for Spring! While admiring these first snowdrops in my garden, I heard unmistakeable music and looked up to the beautiful sight of two skeins of geese flying over.

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