The latest post in @janetgregoryca & my series on agile testing success factors is about giving and receiving feedback. What are your thoughts on that? #HolisticTesting #AgileTesting

@hazelweakly Fun exercise: give everyone on the team a piece of paper, a pencil, and 5 minutes to draw a concept map of what the team is supposed to be doing (or an architecture diagram of what it's working on, or...). Everyone does theirs independently, then you count 3-2-1 and everyone reveals. The next hour is always filled with really useful discussion (sometimes quite loud) about differences between different people's mental models and understandings.

Happy to run the fair at the @AgileTDZone 2023 with @the_qa_guy .

Looking forward to host some awesome folks again, like @janetgregoryca , @lisacrispin , Craig Risi, Anne Kramer, Jan Jaap Cannegieter, Ash Winter, Ben Linders, Andrea Jensen, Laveena Ramchandani, Vera Baum, @emna__ayadi, Eveline Moolenaars, @TheTraveller.

New episode of our Donkeys & Dragons YouTube channel - an 18 minute chat about @janetgregoryca & Selena Delesie's Quality Practices Assessment Model. Janet switches from co-host to guest this episode! They explain the model and its benefits. And their books - which also have great tips on things like facilitating process retros. We''d love to have new subscribers! #QPAM #HolisticTesting

@Annaspanner Questioning things is always good. But your pupils need to be taught how to distinguish between "influencers" -- people with opinions but no real expertise, whose reputation is based on shock value -- and people who have long and deep experience in a field, and whose reputation depends on sharing information that is reliable. Show them examples of both.

@mlevison Hence me asking for more stuff to clarify it :D For me, backlog refinement is about prioritisation, while story refinement is about getting a more detailed understanding of the story so that it’s ready to progress. The two of them get mixed up particularly in Scrum because of the need to estimate to work out what goes in the sprint bucket.

TIL: Reflective Articulation

"I encouraged the developers to think out loud (what Ward Cunningham calls reflective articulation). This did the trick. They actually began to work together, not just take turns coding." -- Pair Programming Illuminated


@huib has a post for dedicated books:

Female authors (afaik):
- Agile Testing (3 books afaik) from @lisacrispin and @janetgregoryca
- Explore It! from @testobsessed
- Starting in SW-Testing from Nicola Lindgren (
- "Software Inspection" & "Software Test Automation - Effective Use of Test Execution Tools" from Dorothy Graham

A full PDF list:

And Anything from G.M. Weinberg 🙂

Our children are not changing. They're just feeling safer expressing who they are, because our definitions of what is normal and acceptable are changing.

All of the colors of the rainbow have always been with us. We just used to insist on viewing the world in black and white.


So excited to have @JuttaEckstein & Claudia Melo sharing their pioneering work in sustainability for s/w on @janetgregoryca *20th* episode of our Donkeys & Dragons video chat! 18 minutes of great insights & lots of links to learn more

I'm happy to announce a new iteration of my popular Pluralsight course on Testing in Python has just been released. I've spent many hours these past months revising and re-recording it:

“There must have been a moment, at the beginning, where we could have said -- no. But somehow we missed it.”

― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

@allenholub I suspect the people who focus on the distinction between “checks” and “tests” think words have more power than I think they do.

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