Testers shouldn't be made into gatekeepers. One of the strengths of a testing mindset is opening gates, or crashing through them.

Blogged: Testers are Gate-Crashers qahiccupps.blogspot.com/2023/0

I created an interesting new (free, web-based) puzzle app for mobile devices (works best on iPads, less-well-to-not-at-all on other devices). Want to try some challenging puzzles that blend spatial reasoning and manual dexterity? Just Slide to Unlock! slide.isohedral.ca/

@maaeli sounds interesting. How do you use it? Is it something that dynamically updates as you move around the product, or do you export dumps and translate them, or something else?

A couple of nights ago I dropped a glass dish on the kitchen floor and it broke into hundreds of tiny pieces 😿

I swept up what I could see and used a torch to help me find the pieces that I missed. The glass glinted in the light beam and located even tiny fragments.

It seemed like an interesting analogy for . What (designed for testing or any other purpose) do you point at software to expose problems that are not naturally visible?

🐸 ☕ Our next Friends of Good Software event is a lean coffee on Tuesday, June 6 at 4pm CEST (10am EDT) in cyberspace. We'll break out into groups to have short discussions around topics like:

- risk analysis
- organizational design
- ensemble programming
- how to learn and take notes
- contributing to open source
- bees

Register at subscribepage.io/frogs-6jun23 or check out frogsconf.nl for more details. #FroGSConf


"If you’re interested in the edgelord version... drop me a line"


"So, it turns out these episodes haven’t been useful ... My hope is that the sort of person who listens to this podcast still finds these episodes interesting or entertaining."


‘But #ExploratoryTesting means they test only with their understanding and point out everything that might be a problem’ is such a misrepresentation of opportunity-cost aware learning-centric testing. Results of value are not ‘all bugs’ in all projects. Sometimes exploratory testing produces authoritative documentation.

I'm hosting Vernon Richards and Eric Proegler for Steel Yourselves, a webinar where the participants have to make the best case they can for a claim they don't agree with then reflect on how they found the experience.

Join us on 21st June. It's free! cc/@ast@sw-development-is.social


@hiccupps Asking when/whether you test is like asking whether and when you breathe out.

@fullsnacktester Another thought:

Find ways to work where your context is parked for you to pick up quickly.

Craft tasks that fit into the time you have (e.g. between meetings) rather than think of what you would like to do and wait for enough time.

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