Testers shouldn't be made into gatekeepers. One of the strengths of a testing mindset is opening gates, or crashing through them.

Blogged: Testers are Gate-Crashers qahiccupps.blogspot.com/2023/0

Today I have enjoyed exploring a tool we're going to use as a partial reference implementation on another project by writing unit tests for its key function.

The tests document my understanding (and the issues I found) and are easily shareable with the developers on the project too.

One of the joys of making tools for one purpose is realising that you can use them for another.

Think of a question (that matters)
Find a way to get information to help answer it (at a proportionate cost)
Interpret the result (in context)
Repeat (while it's worthwhile)

Another day, another conversation about whether something I'm doing is or not.

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