I wrote an article about the Exploratory Testing Principles, a first version. Check it out and hope it is helpful.


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As of a few hours ago I am available for new work opportunities. If you, or anyone you know, has an open test leadership role please reach out to me. I am currently in Florida, USA and would prefer a remote position in the USA; however, I am eligible to work in Canada and the UK as well and I am willing to consider any serious offer.

@johannarothman @hiccupps Or, as Adarsh (adarsh.io) has put it (citing Stafford Beer): 'The purpose of a system is what it does'

@hiccupps @TheTraveller 😀
And, I like the Paul Batalden quote:
"Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets"

A couple were rescued from inside a post box yesterday. They were discovered when they started shoving mail through the slot and shouting 'letters out!'

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When I robbed a Post Office the police locked me up in a parcell.

Testing is not the "doing the dishes on time" of software development as I saw suggested on LinkedIn but it is the "adding spices" of software development. The metaphor matters, and my "collecting pizza boxes" it to intentionally show that cleaning up after doing is part of doing, not a chore to assign someone else.

AST and Lee Hawkins are seeking contributions to "Navigating the World as a Context-Driven Tester". What do you think about:

"Whenever possible, you should hire testers with testing certifications"

All contributions will be attributed. Reply to join us!

What helps testers create value through testing, and how can we learn the things that matter?

Find out in our discussion with the star panellists George Lysen, Chris Kenst, and Dwayne Green, hosted by Lalit Bhamare.

Sign up and make your 2023 count!


Want to play a game? It's a choose-your-own-adventure story about a leader facing a series of challenges. You, dear people of Mastodon, will determine the path that the story takes based on the choices you make in the polls. I'll leave each poll up for about an hour (longer overnight my time). The story will probably take 20 or so toots to tell, so it will likely take 2-3 days.


Working on episode 21, I found that Wenger said useful things about boundary objects (the topic of episode 1).

I wrote a blog post about it. Ghost believes it to be a four minute read.


I really care about credibility, integrity, consistency and, pushing forward those things to improve stuff.

If there are jobs that involve that, those are jobs that I want to be a part of, to help shape and drive forward a quality culture and narrative.

Please get in touch and let's chat


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looking back to move forward and a heartfelt thank you to everyone accompanying me on my journey | A Tester's Journey: 2022 - Acknowledgement and Gratitude lisihocke.com/2022/12/2022-ack

Alan Page is getting the heat for writing this: angryweasel.substack.com/p/don

I wonder why is it so hard for testers to believe the second person can be another developer, and developers do care about building good things. Sometimes they aren't given the time, and tester existence add to pile of excuses to not give them the time.

Existential threat conversation for the tester-kind. How to not become arsonist to get to be a fireman type of conversation.

Because official policy or no, there was *absolutely* someone at this company who could and would have given me the credit card number I needed and made sure the invoices got handled.

You can model big companies as ongoing civil wars between "people who are incentivized to spend money" and "people who are incentivized not to spend money." The essence of enterprise sales is "find someone in group 1 and help them defeat their enemies in group 2."

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