Make the data in your tests visible, reviewable, and easily editable because the data is where the value is.

Blogged: Rage Against the Machinery

The next #FroGSconf is only 10 days away! Registrations are still open, so feel free to join, if you're interested in an online, open space conference about all things software and quality.

More info and registration at Hope to see you there on Saturday 9 September!

p.s. If you can only join for half a day, that's fine too. It's an open space after all!

Just love seeing how much my #team is growing. We've been through over a year of fire-fighting and made our way to sustainable pace. We share load heavily, with everyone contributing in new ways. We iteratively get our legacy system in (always a bit) better shape. Today, most engineers #ensemble tested a big change to learn and gain confidence - achieved after just four hours, including fixes, improvements, knowledge sharing, and more. Focus on the most valuable thing together #forTheWin. 🚀✨

My August newsletter, titled “Imagine,” is scheduled to send Tuesday night, 8/29/2023. If you’re not a subscriber, yet, sign up at to receive a copy in your inbox.

It's been an absolute pleasure pairing with @testobsessed on her simulation of software development projects.

This video explores the relative merits of specialists and generalists.

You should watch it. She knows what she's talking about.

I'm starting a YouTube channel!

As you probably know I already share a lot of materials and I've had a lot of technical coaches and developers tell me that that's really useful. So, I came up with a plan to do videos.

I'm a little nervous actually and appreciate feedback and suggestions on topics and content that would be useful for you and your colleagues. Please subscribe to the channel and share this post.

I'm not standing for re-election to the @AST board this time, but I'm proud of what I've contributed over the last four years.

Blogged: Farewell AST

The CAST 2023 line-up is now live. The theme this year is Context: Team -- how it takes a village to make software, and what testers can do to make the context visible and relevant at the right times.


[Blog] A #NoJira health check.

Describing the five ideas I failed to communicate when roles changed and team size doubled.

Why is a serving hatch like a pop artist?

Because it's a handy wall hole.

★ Just published a bonus episode of Oddly Influenced: a circle-centric reading of software development through the 1990s, plus screech owls.

A description of the status quo as of the 1980s, what bugged people about it, and how that led to a different shared vision, all viewed through the lens of Farrell’s /Collaborative Circles/. I also drag in a little discussion of binary oppositions as used by structuralists.

Likely “old hat” for people who were around in the ‘90s

AST and Lee Hawkins are seeking contributions to "Navigating the World as a Context-Driven Tester".

What do you think about:

"If testers can’t code, they’re of no use to us"

All contributions will be attributed. Reply to join us!

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