My keynote from HUSTEF2022: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? An ethical and practical perspective on our technology-driven world.

What's the best layer in the trifle? You can only choose one.

That thing when you replace a broken door handle but can't get the same model as the original AND THE SCREW HOLES LINE UP. 🍻

Please join me in welcoming @janetgregoryca to Mastodon. Janet is one of the authors of the Agile Testing books, and all around great human. I hope she gets to enjoy her time here as much as I do.

More brilliant people arriving at mastodon. Let me introduce y’all to @FionaCCharles who is my go to person in the world for wisdom and good framing of tricky problems. She is a frequent keynoter in the #testing space and lovely human.

When I rushed that elf with a low heart rate to hospital I was acting on imp pulse.

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digging a canal round your house requires moativation.

Developer I appreciate launched training today, where one of the modules was "Learn to test anything". Yet, the contents were about technical testability for functional scenarios. That is not everything.

At the same time, I am figuring out how to explain that the testing testers do is a mix of things developers don't think of as testing. Testing ideas is about requirements and documentation. Testing organizations is about experiments and audits, and communication on various flight levels.

I miss telling stories at conferences but um... plague. Would anyone be interested in a podcast/youtube series telling stories about interesting bits of computing (or other) history?

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