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If you haven't read "Pragmatic Thinking & Learning" yet here's your chance to learn direct from the author. And if you have, brush up and tune up!

The GROWS Method® contains many Habits necessary for effectively learning and delivering value. resembles a dictionary. We're trying to make it more useful.

We've created a condensed view for the the Core and Stage 1 (Safety and Hygiene) Habits that allows drag/drop to generate conversation about an implementation path.

If you would like to review and offer feedback, please DM.


Quick UI/UX question.

We're reworking We've added a "hexi cluster" highlight key ideas.

Each hexi will be linked to supporting pages on the website. On the current home page the "green" hexis are linked. When you mouse over the cursor changes to a hand/finger pointer.

What is a good way to indicate the hexis point to more content?

1. Current is good enough
2. Underline the text
3. Add text below the hexi saying "click"
4. ???


Software development is a social activity

A social place intended as a chill hangout place for software testers, developers, or just about anyone involved in delivering software and who is interested in both the technical as well as the social side of things. is supported by the Association for Software Testing.

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