Most people think that 2+3=5.
Think? They know that. So much, that if they had code that does it, they wouldn't bother with a test.
But that's because they know how the code is written. If they didn't, would they still not bother?
Check it out.

Webinar tomorrow!

"Microservices: Refactoring to patterns". With very big code and very small pasta.

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Please RT!

Adapters, factories and repositories. Maybe a few more.

Want to know more about how code patterns impact clean microservices? There's a webinar for that!
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My next webinar is next week. "Refactoring microservices to patterns".
For messy microservices only :)
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We do refactoring everyday.
Or do we?
But how do we know, we REALLY didn't change the functionality?
My webinar covers these questions, even before touching on the "how" part.
Check out the webinar recording:

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