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Episode 86 of the Testing Peers podcast is live.

This week, join @tarawithtiaras, @testerfromleic and myself as we discuss Content Creation.

YouTube is a fun new project that I've been playing with recently.

I'm steadily working through my old blog posts, reading, reacting, reviewing and updating them in video form.

I've created a playlist of those that I've published so far here:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the idea and also what what you'd like to see.

I was accused today of being fluffy and to people centred in my approach to test leadership in my project.

I'm ok with that criticism

A little later than usual this week, episode 73 of the pod has dropped.

This week join David Maynard, Russell Craxford, @testerfromleic and myself as we discuss Glue Work

A new year and a new stream from your friends at 9 out of 10 Testers.

Join Sanne, Hanna, Veerle, Shey and myself as we dive in and rant on semantics in testing, at 11:30am GMT today.

Testing Peers' latest podcast episode is a little different.

This time around, I interviewed Heather Reid, looking back at her awesome 30 Things Every New Tester Should Learn, on Ministry of Testing's site, six years on!

I had a really interesting chat with @drewski669 around CoPs.

If you have 5 minutes, please take the time to complete his Google Form around Communities of Practice: State of the Nation 2023.

It's 2023. You testing podcasts hosts out there - I know you don't purposely interview and quote men way more than women (in general - some podcasts are more diverse than others). Please make an effort this year - if you don't know any women testing leaders, I can name a bunch.

A new blog post, in response to Misma Silfver who commented on a Testing Peers post about something I'd read in Episode 57 - the prompt I needed to finally publish it!

I really care about credibility, integrity, consistency and, pushing forward those things to improve stuff.

If there are jobs that involve that, those are jobs that I want to be a part of, to help shape and drive forward a quality culture and narrative.

Please get in touch and let's chat

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And actually, if we can understand and get ourselves on the same page, about what we mean when we say these things.

Building quality, culture, respect, and driving positive change forwards.

It's the people that drive forward these things and I care deeply about people being bought into what they are doing, the customers and the people making our products.

If you're working for an organisation and you are talking about quality, do people know what that means to them and to their customers?

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I really enjoy talking about testing in an accessible way to anybody, be it pre-sales, marketing, educators, customers, other testers, devs, and bringing it to a level that people can understand and appreciate.

Making some sense out of the diverse world of testing that we have at the moment because as we've already discussed, semantics and approaches and the like, it just isn't a standard thing and it never will be, let's be honest.

But to understand that it's okay and context is everything.

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Hello friends!

My first post of the year, and I'm now looking for my next role.

If you want to work with me in 2023, please do get in touch

Please share for reach.

What do I want to do? 👇

I raised this question in the @testingpeers Festive Episode last month

I used to say:

'I just want to work with people who want to do stuff better and want to let me be a part of that.'

And while that's valid, it doesn't say what I want to do.

Thinking about dashboards and how we can use them as testers to display testing data and progress.

What sort of data do you like to see at a high level on a dashboard?

Hey folks - I have the distinct honour of being a co-chair on next years ExpoQA in Madrid. I’m looking to help curate a diverse, inclusive and (mostly) technical testing conference. But I need potential speakers. I’m talking with the organiser on Friday, and I will be able to clarify the speaker compensation then. If anyone thinks they would like to speak there, or run a half day workshop before the main event - let me know.

We are expert but we are not dictators.
We stay humble.
We are on a quest to improve.
We're always learning from science and from art.
We promote but we don't just broadcast information.
We interpret.
We build relationships.
We listen to and understand communities.
We deliver but we are not a postbox.
We have power.
We make things happen.
We use our powers for good.

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