So much awesome feedback from the participants of @chrissbaumann and my #AgileTD workshop "How to Untangle Your Spaghetti Test Code" 😃😍

Checkout the code at

Hey , if you want to attend @mkutz's and my session "How to Untangle Your Spaghetti Test Code" later today, please do the setup upfront:

Here is the full set of handouts for @chrissbaumann's and my #AgileTD workshop 😃

Thanks to the amazing #AgileTD team for handling the printouts 🤗

Hey attendees,

if you want to attend the "How to Untangle Your Spaghetti Test Code" by @mkutz and me, please do the setup upfront.

It's not a lot of work, but takes a bit of time.

Thank you!



When you messed up your calendar and have tickets for your favorite metal band, but can't go because you're at a conference... 😭
Thanks for the reminder...

Just arrived in Budapest, where I will give my talk "Design Patterns to boost your test automation" at .
Excited and looking forward to it! 🤩

@gdinwiddie I should be able to demonstrate it, so I think dancing is out. 😂

@sbi I only have very limited control over that. The session is indeed a listening session, thus I want to do at least couple of minutes of excercise right before.
Better than nothing, imho.

Looking for a short (2-3 mins) exercise I can do with a conference audience after lunch and before a talk, to avoid majority of the crowd to fall into schnitzel-koma.
Any suggestions? Many thanks!

In recent years we had a ballgown breakfast in the Dorint during #AgileTD.
The idea is to dress up in a ball gown (or whatever fancy outfit you prefer) for breakfast one morning. This is explicitly not just for people who wear dresses and if you've ever wanted to wear a pretty dress this is a safe space to do it.
Look fancy and pretty, take pictures if you like and enjoy good food together.

Is anyone interested in that for 2023?
@AgileTDZone #conference #shenanigans #ClothesHaveNoGender

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