While working on a talk is great fun and learning, I always discover so much more things I don't know yet, but want to learn about.
This is cool, because it means I can continue to learn, and also can be demotivating, because I figure there's so many more things I don't know yet.

In Bayern dürfen in einem Abstand von 2km zu Ortschaften keine Windräder aufgestellt werden.
Warum reißt man dann die Ortschaften nicht einfach ab?
#Lützerath #Lutzerath

Fingers crossed please!
Is just submitted sessions for spring and UK.
You should too, CfP is still open until tomorrow!

@the_qa_guy Thank you!
Interesting, never heard that!
Well, it's the first time building a house, after buying a completely renovated one, and completely renovating another one.
So yes, I quite have some experiences in terms of what I like and what works for me.

@the_qa_guy Thanks Tobi!
It will for sure be less, since lots of events don't fit my schedule and I also started building a house. 😉
But I want to and will continue public speaking.

I blogged about 2022 as a conference speaker: "2022 – the year I made it into public speaking"

I hosted 10 sessions at 6 events in 5 countries.


@jrosaproenca @the_qa_guy "Contractually required to search and find all the necessary parts required for the next step in time and correct amount"?

“Ah look there’s another idiotic thing Musk has done over on Twitter!”

After a while it gets repetitive

We have ample evidence now he’s not just erratic and unpleasant as CEO but downright dangerous

With Musk in control the place can’t be saved

The main point now: getting people to move en masse - here to Mastodon or indeed to whatever other network(s) make sense. Nothing else makes sense as a reaction

If you care, move

I think it’s important to repeat: you don't "have something to hide" when you put blinds on your windows or close the door when you're on the can or wear clothes.

Privacy isn't about having something to hide. It's not about keeping secrets. It's about you being the person who chooses what you reveal about yourself, and when, and to who, and the other word we have for that is "dignity". Your inherent dignity, as a human being.

Your privacy is the agency you have over your dignity.

We might imagine that Mastodon is safe because it cannot be acquired or controlled by any one entity, but it absolutely *can* be.

In fact, with interest in it rising, Mastodon is at its *most* vulnerable time right now. Mastodon is in many respects an inadequate implementation. All any corporation has to do is launch a major ActivityPub implementation with the features and polish people want—enough to migrate people over en masse—and they will have effectively "acquired” Mastodon. (And honestly I suspect this is going to happen soon anyway.)

Google destroyed RSS and XMPP this way. Yes, they’re still out there, but only shadows of their former selves.

Matrix gives us the rare chance to head off this phenomenon before it happens.

(notifications muted)

Merry Christmas. Please change your passwords. Especially if you are coming from Twitter and maybe… just maybe… happened to use your same password.

Also to be real: you should change your passwords anyway. You should rotate all your keys once a year. Tis the season you filthy animals.

Twitter passwords have hit the back alley online markets.

Twitter data breach: +400m users. news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3

@YvesHanoulle Ah, thanks, that indeed makes more sense... or maybe... not?! 😂

Got a contact request on LinkedIn from a person I don't know.
Job title of that person is "Quality Automation Architect", and that now really leaves me with the question "How to automate quality?" 🤔

Is there tooling to easily download the content I bookmark?

A concern with Mastodon is that there are no global durability guarantees.

@Rina_EosinY Wenn du dich nicht regelmäßig verletzt, verlernt der Körper auch die Wundheilung. Darum sollte man sich nicht übermäßig vor Verletzungen schützen und sich ab und zu mal absichtlich irgendwo stoßen oder stechen. Wer seine Wundheilungskräfte trainiert, dessen Heilungsrate ist viel schneller!

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