Looking for a short (2-3 mins) exercise I can do with a conference audience after lunch and before a talk, to avoid majority of the crowd to fall into schnitzel-koma.
Any suggestions? Many thanks!

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@chrissbaumann A rule I have learned giving seminars: the session after lunch should be an exercise where people can not just listen, but have to think and act themselves, and must not be longer than 30mins. (Never mind the schedule imposed by whoever pays you.) Then it's time for a coffee break, walking around a bit, even a stroll outside if possible.
After that, everybody is much fresher than before.

@sbi I only have very limited control over that. The session is indeed a listening session, thus I want to do at least couple of minutes of excercise right before.
Better than nothing, imho.

@chrissbaumann I understand. Most conferences have long lunch breaks to avoid that. I don't know what to do in your situation.


Do you know "3 Things"? Its an improv exercise.

One person starts and gives a prompt to someone, like "3 things that are blue". The person names 3 things and gives the next prompt to a person of their choice and you go around until everyone had a turn.

(Optional: the whole group shouts "3 things, 3 things, 3 things!" between each turn.)

@gdinwiddie I should be able to demonstrate it, so I think dancing is out. 😂

Just play some catchy music and ask people to move with it.

I was at a conference once where every day started with the Elm Dance for those that wanted.

@chrissbaumann I recently did a mass rock-paper-scissors where the loser tails the winner as a cheerleader. Went quick in a group of 60 and was an immediate energy booster.

@chrissbaumann I saw a fun icebreaker at a conference recently where they got everyone to stand and then move to one side of the room based on their preference between two items (think Star Wars vs Star Trek, Dogs vs Cats, and /ɡɪf/ vs /dʒɪf/ (for gif).

It was a bit of fun, and got people moving and interacting.

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