Thanks , once again I had a blast!

So many great sessions, fantastic learnings, good conversations and lovely people!

Thanks to everyone one I met, talked to and learned from, and a special shout-out to the amazing team at Ministry's of Testing!

So many people at asked me: How do I learn coding, how do I get into it? It's all so complicated and difficult - I will never manage.

And everytime I recommended @der_pesse's talk on "Code Reading for Testers", so I thought I'd share the it here, so more people can benefit from it!

Gosh, what a work day!
How often did I put tea water on this afternoon noon: 3x
Cup of tea I've had this afternoon: Zero.
Now waiting next to the kettle.

Thanks to @der_pesse for recommending "The programmer's brain".
I just started reading it, but I already like it a lot! 🤩

has started, and already the first session was great!
Got a lot of valuable input and things to think about & apply!

The most important metric for automated testing is "if the tests all pass, how comfortable am I just hitting deploy?"

Code coverage, test count, and all your other measurements can and should inform that metric, but ultimately that's the only metric that matters.

#PHP #Testing #Programming

With so many interesting people around here at #SoCraTes2023 , I’m finding it hard to focus on posting updates on social media…

This is an 🤩 amazing 🤩 event - you’ll just have to try it out and see for yourselves folks!!

So, I'm speaking at a conference soon. I'm invited to the speaker's dinner, but soft & alcoholic drinks are not covered and have to be paid by myself.
Is it just me who finds that strange?! 🤔

Done the tax shit, cleaned the house, and also practice my conference talk.

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