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"[Adobe] is also is advocating for a universal "do not train" tag that would allow photographers to request that their content not be used to train models."

How about no?

This is a step backwards for everyone. I shouldn't have to act to maintain my established rights. But it wouldn't be profitable if the tag was instead "allow training", would it?

I hate this.

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actually its only "artificial intelligence" if it comes from the Ártificiál Intélligéncé region of france. otherwise its just sparkling alienation of the working class.

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If you value #HardwareFreedom and #RightToRepair, you need users to be free to change the operating system on their own device.

Sign the @fsfe open letter to EU lawmakers, to demand laws to keep our devices free and under our control.

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I really like the look of #Python #Hypothesis and want to start making those tests in my projects!

How do I run them? It comes with no test runner itself. It doesn't appear to integrate well with standard-library 'unittest', unless I'm missing a simple way to do that?

I don't like #PyTest; there, I said it! Its recommended style, and its loose API, don't suit my style.

So what are my options now for automatically running Hypothesis tests?

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accidentally wrote "saad" instead of "saas" in a text to my partner; they immediately coined "Software as a Disappointment"

and honestly, where is the lie

Truly, there is a real problem with malicious web traffic, just as there is a problem with malicious email traffic. Website operators are looking for solutions.

Just like with email, though, the solution is not to hand more and more control to giant centralised unaccountable corporations to squat on increasing portions of what was formerly the of .

A _Star Trek_ episode where the Enterprise visits an isolated planet whose computer platforms work like they do in 2023 Earth

and the Starfleet crew wring their hands over whether to try to teach this regressive society, to overthrow the people subjecting everyone's lives to computer systems that serve only the people at the top.

Episode is named _The Land that Forgot Ludd_


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Folks, I encourage you to not work for @OpenAI for free:

Don't do their testing
Don't do their PR
Don't provide them training data

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A terminal multiplex, analogous to a movie cinema multiplex, has multiple simultaneous interfaces within one terminal window.

A terminal is usually the text-only window with the shell prompt. By using a terminal multiplexer within that, you can manage several virtual terminals, using keyboard inputs.

I am #ThursdayThankful for GNU Screen, though many will rightly say TMux is a great alternative. Both of them are useful way beyond multiplexing!

Once again we see that building your project on a centralised platform, is to willingly enter the pipeline.

Get your deployments and system images out of Docker, the corporation is openly moving to make the experience worse for anyone still locked in.

(Which is not to say that other platforms are any better in the medium term; they all will seek a profit, and the route to do that seems inevitably to make things worse for users.)

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What do I do for a living? Like many of you, my primary occupation is entering passwords and two-factor codes into a variety of apps and websites all day long.

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A billionaire promising you decentralisation is like a king promising you democracy.

(Unless it involves them abdicating the crown, you know it’s bullshit.)

#decentralisation #Bluesky #JackDorsey #BigTech #SiliconValley #bullshit

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🚨 Important: has been acquired by Your.Online 🚨

There is a backstory here - which I will explain. The TL;DR: if you have any trust or whatsoever in Gandi, you should seriously reconsider. was previously known as TWS (Total Webhosting Solutions), one of the three big investors in the Dutch hosting market. Together with and they own the majority of the hosting brands.

If TWS acquires a new brand, the prices skyrocket [1/3]

At @matuzo prompting, I watched the interview-collection video called _React.js: The Documentary_.

I agree with Manuel that it evinces a jaw-dropping gulf between the housing I can afford and the homes many of these people have. Our society has very warped notions of who deserves outsized financial reward.

It's a nicely produced video though, and I will watch the other Honeypot interview videos (dunno that I'd go so far as to call them "documentary") with interest.

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whoever forks go, maybe pick a name that can be googled?

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“Automated” fast food restaurants and AI tools like ChatGPT have people worried robots will take our jobs.

For Insider, I explain the industry is using technology to hide human workers and make work more precarious. It’s not eliminating the need for human labor.

#tech #ai #automation #work

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the Go maintainers are now claiming that objectors to Google's opt-out telemetry proposal on the Go compiler - yes, really - are arguing in bad faith and violating the Code of Conduct, and their comments are getting hidden.

well done lads, you just keep doing that as hard as possible. i'm sure it'll work out great.

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