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Had to have an awkward conversation with a client this week about "free", as in "this app is free".

I did a TOS analysis and showed them just how they'd be paying for the app- their employees attention, data, and privacy. They were *stunned*.

"I thought it was just free like Instagram is free?"

This is why I want to pivot into education. I don't accept that we can't inform folks about this.

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Planet Earth or Planet Ocean?

Take a look at this fascinating data visualization of countries by their share of Earth’s surface.

There are over 510M square kilometers of area, but <30% is covered by land. Over 70% is the ocean.

Image by Nicholas LePan for Visual Capitalist. Details at #nature #science

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Ocean treaty: Historic agreement reached after decade of talks

The High Seas Treaty places 30% of the seas into protected areas by 2030, aiming to safeguard and recuperate marine nature.

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Just over a week ago I was laid off by SmartBear, who acquired Cucumber in the summer of 2019.

I've written more here:

I'm still getting used to the news, and figuring out what I want to do next. In the mean-time I am available for hire as a remote freelance technical agile coach.

I'm based in the Pacific (West coast US) timezone, but I don't mind getting up (reasonably) early.

#Cucumber #Agile #Testing #TDD #BDD

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Hi, all rubyists. End of March, 2023 is EOL day of Ruby 2.7(also Ruby 2 series). Please upgrade your Ruby 2 to Ruby 3 or switch to use LTS OS like Ubuntu or RHEL. see #ruby

What a lovely idea by

I signed up as a mentor. Will you? Or are you looking for a mentor? This might be a great place to start.

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I love Un̡͔͍̙̅︥︢̓͢i͙͓͖͗ͣc̛̥̦̙̗̣ͯ̌o̴̥̲͛̑̔͞d̟̘͋ͮ́͢͟e

Just saying. 😃

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Das #EERIE-Projekt unter Leitung des #AWI will mit Hilfe von Supercomputern Erdsystemmodelle verbessern. Im Mittelpunkt steht die Simulation von Ozeanwirbeln. Von der EU wird das Projekt mit 7,8 Mio. Euro gefördert.

📸 Nathan Beech

Nice: The sticker & pin arrived!
Apparently the ratio of the blue vs. yellow areas is the same as the ratio of ocean area to land on Earth.

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Heute ist der Geburtstag von Erich Kästner und ein guter Grund, uns daran zu erinnern, wie empathisch und weitsichtig dieser schlaue Mensch war. ❤️

Swimming time again 🌊🏊‍♂️🌊: Water 5°C, air 11°C. Not too much wind and calm water made the swimming easy.

The puddle to the left and right of the paved way are left behind sea water for the previous higher-than-usual high tide.

Maybe it shouldn't be called AI, but Advanced Remixing of Statistical Evidence.

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bing, transphobia, slurs 

I am guessing not. Not cuz they're not friends and not cuz they're not at Microsoft.

Because neither they nor anyone else actually understands how their wonderful "AI" -- gives me the creeps just saying it -- actually works.

They have lined up a statistical mechanics markov chain rig and declared it to be intelligent.

Advanced-Eliza is as uselessly unintelligent as Original-Eliza.

But Weizenbaum, to his credit, understood how it worked.

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@seldo Oh dear. 😨

I'm glad and grateful that I can work in a setting where the loudest noises are … listened for a moment … the ticking of a wall clock (going to be replaced in a few weeks), the TimeMachine disk (when it starts working) and the fan of the notebook (if/when it starts getting really busy).

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Next #FediPoll for you guys...

What is your primary operating system?

(boosts appreciated to get as much engagement as possible, thanks!)

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