Nice: Cucumber 9.0 (the version of it, contains a bug fix I provided 😊: It no longer fails with an exception if you have $CUCUMBER_COLORS defined.

What a lovely idea by

I signed up as a mentor. Will you? Or are you looking for a mentor? This might be a great place to start.

Would you like to improve your programming skills online? I recommend trying It's free and you can get feedback from real humans (if you're in the track, may be even from me 😀 ).

I registered for Home Edition (11.-12. January).

Looking forward to learning (even) more

Potential spoiler for #AdventofCode Day 21 of 2022 

This is a case where the ability to define methods at runtime in was super helpful.
Also moving from the original problem to (iteratively) solving an equation enabled finding a solution even with WILDY wrong initial guesses. It's a GOOD THING applying nested intervals converges really quick (well, IF there is a solution…)

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I just completed "Monkey in the Middle" - Day 11 - Advent of Code 2022

Phew. Intuition (and math) helped in keeping the numbers in part two from becoming astoundingly HUGE. It also limited the computing time to ≲ 11 sec overall, instead of 16 sec for the first ≈200 rounds. At that point the minimum worry was about 4000 digits long, the maximum more than 75 million. At that point arithmetic operation get a tad bit slow in . 😃

Side note: As frustrating as it is to stumble into self-developed bugs, it is nice to have the time to fiddle with the Advent of Code puzzles. It's creative, and I learn something new about nearly each day. Today: When a Struct is useful – and when it's not.

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Oh nice, I'm an 'Exercism Super Mentor' 😊

Got this for my mentoring in the track of


Ruby is my go-to language for building APIs. The syntax is clean and readable, and the libraries and frameworks make it easy to work with.


What I don't understand:
Installing gems in a action works with 3.1.2, but fails with 3.1.3 – unless I use `bundler-cache: false` in the Ruby setup step.

Here's the error message – that doesn't help me a lot:

Error: The process '/opt/hostedtoolcache/Ruby/3.1.3/x64/bin/bundle' failed with exit code 34
at ExecState._setResult (/home/runner/work/_actions/ruby/setup-ruby/v1/dist/index.js:5340:25)

at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (node:internal/child_process:301:5)

Good morning !

If you're planning to attend my workshop 'Fast Feedback Using ', please bring a notebook, ideally with Ruby already installed. 👍

I wonder, if there's a way to get ruby-build to provide the most current (3.2.0-preview3 at the moment, see faster, than waiting for an update of the definitions in and then a release.

I wonder, if there is a way to get rbenv (or rather ruby-build) to provide the most current (3.2.0-preview3 at the moment, see faster than waiting for an update of the definitions in and then a release.

Since I just moved in at just now, let me give an :

I'm a (mostly ) programming software tester, cancer survivor, (winter) swimmer - and more.

I studied physics, worked in oceanography and live near the North Sea.

Languages (sorted by word length): Ruby, German, English

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