Supposed you'd join a workshop at a conference, which may or may not be the . Would you – as a participant – prefer an ensemble working setup or would you rather work with your own computer?
Would pairing with other participants be OK for you?

Keep in mind that some folks will still be reluctant to get too close to others. There are enough vulnerable people who won't fancy to risk a COVID-19 infection 'just' because they're attending a workshop.

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@TheTraveller can you support both? Groups of 1-N?

I’d be okay with pairing/mobbing but makes sense to be as inclusive as possible.

@TheTraveller I personally would go along with either. Then again, I come from a fairly privileged background… I know that quite a few people feel scrutinised in a pair. (People told me so.)
My guess is that an ensemble would be more inclusive because you as the facilitator have better means to establish psychological safety. At least I wouldn’t know how to do that with a room full of pairs. And that doesn’t even touch aspects like proximity.

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