In case you missed the posting on , I published a modified version of the kata "Lift Pass Pricing" by Johann Martinson. It includes some additional twists and new requirements. enjoy :-)

Web Developers: how do you keep dependencies up-to-date? 🍏

My favorite recipe so far:
1. Schedule 1h/week for this
2. Be the champion of this initiative
3. Use libyear to identify what to upgrade
4. Track & share progress over time — use
corgibytes/freshli-cli for that 😉

Any other tool I should be aware of? Any tips?
Fire away!

Lean != Agile

Lean: waste and excess is eliminated

Agile: rapidly responding to (and changing from) feedback

They are both important, and both beneficial, but THEY ARE DIFFERENT.

Thanks for listening.

I attended lean coffee yesterday and had the most fun I've had in a long time. If you haven't attended you should definitely keep an eye out for the next one.

I also hear the one-day un-conference is great and can't wait for the next one in March next year.
Thanks @ez @joeposaurus and Sanne Visser for organizing yesterday 😍

Actually #ChatGPT is a perversion of the original web: One centralized instance that knows all. No links to further information, details etc. Those things are also the foundation of scientific work that the web was meant to support.

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Here are the slides for my session „oh man, wer hat das denn bitte programmiert? Oh, das war ja ich“ @AbapConf includes screenshots for every refactoringstep. (Temporary link)
and the link to the refactoring kata "Meterdata Manager"

As one of my activities I am the lead for a large community within SAP with more than 3000 participants with the intention to continuously improve the engineering and architecture practice by fostering collaboration. I am looking for a working student who want to work with me on serving the community.

#workingstudent #walldorf #engineering #architecture #collaboration #jobs #university #sap #community

The next step will be to ask for a tiny bit of upfront design. basic sketches before implementing the next report and discuss the results.

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but this time a new report needs to be developed. greenfrield :-) So this time its not enough that the report does fullfil the functional requirements... I'll introduce some NFRs: unit test and clear separation of concerns. he will start on his own and can ask questions anytime. then we will do some more pairing. I'm excited how the code will look like and if he did a tdd, test first or test last approach - and why.

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so I've got a new colleague on one of my projects! great. we started pairing on a report ... some c&p and adding some validations, security, testmode, logging, documentation and... well everything else you would expect from a good report 🤪. he finished the report alone. well done. he got some domain knowledge and I learned more about his current skills. is really good for onboarding ppl on your project. whats the next step? the customer has another requirement.🧵

If you would consider yourself part of the #Agile #community, please boost this Toot and/or use hashtag #AgileBubbleHere so others can find like-minded Tooters!

A 40 line method will grow by 10 lines just because of that fm-call and sy-subrc checks. Everything else were method calls. So we decided to put the fm-call into in a separate method. But oh no: my colleague uses SE80. No „extract method“ available. So we installed . If you want / clean then you need to use a proper IDE. Or it wont happen.

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So I am currently onboarding a new colleague. We do some pairprogramming. Today we helped out another colleague with an problem. He had this nice method. 40 lines. A loop. Some message calls. Only one line of real logic. Quite eautiful. We found the problem fast. But wait! Its just unbelievable ugly to put a plain function module call inside of the loop. It just doesn’t fit. Its not the same layer of abstraction.

From my live coding (on JitterTed.Stream) archives...

"14 Java Refactorings You Need to Know in IntelliJ IDEA":

I see many job postings in which companies are looking for solution-oriented architects / developers. It may sound absurd but I'd rather look for problem-oriented ones: folks who try to understand the problem first and not those who jump head-first into solutions lacking the understanding of the actual problem to solve.

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