Seems German XING company has layoffs started.

If you are in need of good product and IT people, now is a good time to approach and poach.

Please share for more reach.

@the_qa_guy @alex_schl

Today in "weird sh*t I'm packing in my bag for conferences"...
@JavaLandConf community keynote is going to be fun!

This article about Germany being unattractive to desperately needed workers fails to address a major issue: sexism.

Working in German IT is like getting into a time machine. Germany lags behind much of he continent on the number of women in IT, and there’s a large pay gap.

On my way to in Munich and only one hour delay on the first 40 Kms so far due to @DB_Bahn doing DB_Bahn things. Knock on wood 🙄🙄🙄

And when the book was published, I thought, the editor would replace my dilettante scribbles with a real illustrator's work.
It's her publishing day today and she sent me the hard copy in the mail.
My map is in there! 🥲
Everyone, read "Mord am Elbstrand" by Uta van Steen!

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When I was on sick leave after the murder boob incident, my aunt asked me for a favour.
She had finished her first detective story and was offering it to editors and wanted me to draw a little map of the place where it's set to go with it.
I thought she was being nice. Giving me something to do that wouldn't exhaust me but keep me busy for a few hours. A fun little project.

And to the butthurt man babies who are inevitably going to ask when's internal men's day:
All other days are international men's day ffs.

And also November 19th.

Last year I wrote on the bird app:

Happy international we-asked-for-gernder-equality-and-got-20%-off-bath-salts-and-chocolates-which-is-also-nice-I-guess day, everyone! 🥰

This year I'll have to amend it to:

we-asked-for-gender-equality-and-only-got-10%-off-bath-salts-and-chocolates-this-year-which-is-kind-of-funny-because-it-doesn't-even-factor-out-the-gender-wage-gap day, everyone! 🥰


I'm wearing the bracelet I got from @MlleSophiePofie today while meeting a friend for coffee. After I explained the meaning of the bracelet the discussion turned to "men can't get breast cancer" - with me explaining that this is not true. My friend was surprised and grateful to learn something new and I'm grateful that Sophie gave me this conversation starter and incredibly personal gift 🥰
#BreastCancerAwareness #Cancer #PinkRibbon

I'm pretty proud of all the costumes I made or assembled over the years but nothing beats this one for outdoors carnival when it comes to built-in not freezing your butt off-ability

Targeted advertising is so weird. "Hey, I heard you googled a particularly heartbreaking aspect of you being sick. Here, have a super triggering add about it in the morning so it can ruin your entire day!"

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