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🤓 Talk is prepped for #NewCrafts. 🙃

🚂 Backpacks (almost 🙈) packed for TGV journey tomorrow.

😊 Looking forward to meet all the amazing human beings tomorrow for speaker's dinner & at @newcrafts conf Thur/Fri.

☯️ Hoping I'll manage my energy wisely. (hint: I'm always up for a walk in a break ☺️ - Tour Eiffel is so close 🇫🇷)

Want more infos about my #SustainablePace talk on Fri?
Look here

#Leadership #BusinessJournaling #LeadershipInACTion

A job is a job, but a good job is a career.

It's not just about the tasks you perform; it's about the passion, growth, and fulfillment that comes with it

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🌟 Exciting Opportunity Alert! 🌟

📢 We're thrilled to announce that our team is expanding and we are on the lookout for a Software Engineer to join us on our mission. 🚀

📍 Location: Remote in Germany or France

Software development is a social activity

A social place intended as a chill hangout place for software testers, developers, or just about anyone involved in delivering software and who is interested in both the technical as well as the social side of things. is supported by the Association for Software Testing.

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