From The Economist: «as the government panics about small boats, it ignores the reason why many make the trip: the Conservatives have made it too easy to run a lawbreaking business in Britain.»

Popped into twitter.

My twitter-curated timeline is mostly political, polarised, and screaming.

I follow mostly testing / systems accounts. Twitter’s algorithm has disconnected me from my tribe, and offers arseholes in return.

«fails to write something mythic about cuckoos and changelings»

Who might want to join me building and ¡ testing ! a generative AI online, for an hour on Friday lunchtime? We’ll make avatars. Of you, if you like.

Instructions if you want to fly solo.
DM for plans.

Here’s one of mine.


Christine Lemmer-Webber (@cwebber) described ChatGPT as Mansplaining As A Service, and honestly I can’t think of a better description. A service that instantly generates vaguely plausible sounding yet totally fabricated and baseless lectures in an instant with unflagging confidence in its own correctness on any topic, without concern, regard or even awareness of the level of expertise of its audience.

Not a caterpillar - On a frosty May morning, a group of European Bee-eaters perched on a branch gave the impression of a caterpillar at first glance. The vibrant colours of their feathers, with shades of green, blue, and yellow, seemed to blend together and create a fluffy, caterpillar-like appearance. It's also a winning image in Adult Category of European Wild Wonders photo competition, November 2011. José Luis Rodríguez

What's that ?
It is the *complete* VERILOG source of a #riscv CPU.
Want to learn how to design your own CPU ?
Grab an Icestick (approx $50) and follow the tutorial here:

The end of the year is a good time for big realizations. Personally I realized I was wrong about how I managed work/life balance thinking it has to be 2 separated worlds, with 2 different versions of me. To know more:

Looks to me that Safari is an excellent browser: Yes, I know that there are more standards out there, but this is great stuff.

The WebDriver results are looking better and better too:

It’s happening! From 25 May, London depart 15:04 by Eurostar, Brussels depart 19:22 on Mon, Wed, Fri by sleeper, Berlin arrive 06:48. Change for Prague, arriving 11:35.

Quality is a proxy.

If you’re going to use it to steer, publicly work out what it means (for the context you’re in).

Want to dance around this idea with me?

Thought triggered by @Maaikees over on twitter.

I'm going to release the debugging zine later today!!

Here's a sneak peek at the final table of contents:

And if you want the TOC as a poster, here you go:

Public commitment: I’ll primarily post here, and let my minimal presence on Twitter fade even further.

There are many legitimate reasons to track Elon Musk's flight coordinates, for example to offer him ads more relevant to his interests

If you’re going to leave Twitter, please don’t
a) delete your account, because someone bad will steal your handle
b) delete your Tweets, because their existence doesn’t help Elon and it’s like burning the Library of Alexandria.

Twitter captures a real-time historical record of a couple of decades and the billions of individuals’ snapshots are irreplaceable.

The thought of all those tweets being erased makes me feel physically sick.

[please pass on if you agree.]

I'm very excited to be hosting the second Steel Yourselves webinar in January, where two #Testing luminaries, Anne-Marie Charrett and Lee Hawkins, make the best case they can for something they disagree with, and then reflect on the experience.

Wanna come?


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