The end of the year is a good time for big realizations. Personally I realized I was wrong about how I managed work/life balance thinking it has to be 2 separated worlds, with 2 different versions of me. To know more:

@stephdesby Loved this post and what you achieved for yourself! I feel more people need to hear these kinds of reflections, thanks for sharing 💜

@stephdesby Thank you for sharing this post and your leanings!
I'm so happy for you that you found a place where you can show your whole wonderful self. All the best for the journey ahead of you!

@the_qa_guy Thanks ! And yes I am really thankful for my workplace. It made this year an awesome one for me !

@stephdesby I’ve learned so much from you and you continually inspire me! Thanks for sharing your experiences. And thanks for all you give to our community and shared learning! 💜

@lisacrispin Thank you so much ! I'm not sure about who inspires who 😅 but I sure know I'm happy and lucky to know you ! I was offered a puzzle for xmas and I'm building some bridges between puzzling, cognitive biases and exploratory testing, I'm thinking of you while experimenting this 😁 I wish you an excellent new year ! And I hope to see you soon !

Thank you for sharing this personal experience and realization. You can be proud on yourself for having this level of introspection!
I wish you a lot of things you find that are similar enough to replace dreams and expectations you had from the past.

@stephdesby This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙏

Also, all the best & good luck in everything! 👍🍀

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