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"Is... Is it okay to be weird?"
The witch studied the young woman.
"No? I thought you'd understand."
"Don't be weird," the witch said. "Be yourself."
"Now, some people may call that weird, but that's their word, not yours. Be yourself, however that is."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Have you ever wondered how doing puzzles can train you to become a better tester ? I did ! And you can find out what I've learned here

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"The stereotype of programmers as antisocial
represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what the job is.

Programmers, but the nature of the job, need to dive into someone else's domain." That takes social skills.


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Christine Lemmer-Webber (@cwebber) described ChatGPT as Mansplaining As A Service, and honestly I can’t think of a better description. A service that instantly generates vaguely plausible sounding yet totally fabricated and baseless lectures in an instant with unflagging confidence in its own correctness on any topic, without concern, regard or even awareness of the level of expertise of its audience.

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Why are ethics questions always like:
"is it ethical to steal bread to feed your starving family?"

And not:
"is it ethical to sell bread when families are starving?"


I'm writing my next article with the help of ChatGPT. I use it as my assistant, asking questions about the knowledge I need, asking for advices and its "opinion" about what I wrote and how (outlines for example). I think that I 'll have to write an article about how this experiment went right after 😅

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RT @AgileTDZone
📚 Interested in expanding your #agile #software #testing knowledge?
🤩 Eager to meet international agile testing experts?
Join us and be part of the #AgileTD Open Air 2023!

➡️ Explore our conference tickets here:

I answered my first ever CFP for a lightning talk. Fingers crossed! 🤞

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Sometimes taking care of the hard things is self care. Get them done and you'll free yourself of that stress.

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.@janetgregoryca and I are starting the new year with a new @AgileTFellow blog post as well as the new video chat and the new newsletter!

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A form of resilience we don't talk enough about: Building systems such that people want to stay at your company.

That means:
- Managing burnout before it becomes *burnout*
- Developing meaningful goals as part of their career growth
- Continually assessing compensation
- Understanding that efficiency is brittle. Not every day/week/month is going to be another personal best in productivity

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Every New Year I look forward to what @neilhimself will write in his blog (
Here’s the one he wrote for 2021
💗 #NewYear #quotes

The end of the year is a good time for big realizations. Personally I realized I was wrong about how I managed work/life balance thinking it has to be 2 separated worlds, with 2 different versions of me. To know more:

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If you're a man moving to Mastodon, consider following more women and diverse people as you start afresh. It's not about being woke, it's just a great opportunity to open your world to more views that you can learn from. Intentionally following more women on twitter transformed my understanding of the world and corrected so many ignorant assumptions I had. Just a suggestion!

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my favourite blogging trick is to write the headings so that they tell the story on their own. What's the most important idea? Put in the heading!

I don't see a lot of other people doing this, but IMO it makes blog posts a LOT easier to skim if the reader is busy

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RT @TristanLombard2
Hey you! Keep your head up. Take a look in the mirror and remind yourself how awesome you are.

Need a reminder? Call a friend, write your future self a note, make a checklist of what you have done today (just to cross it off), blast your favorite tune. You got this.

Was a Tweet: I have a confession to make. As a tester I never liked measurements. But that was before 2022 and I explain it to you here:
Thx to @gwendiagram @MichaKutz & @Maaikees for opening my eyes on this.

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