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AST and Lee Hawkins are seeking contributions to "Navigating the World as a Context-Driven Tester". What do you think about:

"Developers can’t find bugs in their own code"

All contributions will be attributed. Reply to join us!

🐸 The next edition of the Friends of Good Software unconference #FroGSConf is happening in cyberspace on Saturday, March 11:

Past editions have included sessions about:

- #testing without touching the software
- ensemble testing on various targets
- feature branching from a tester's perspective
- whether SAFe can lead to good software
- working with multiple teams
- "Help, I'm surrounded by idiots!"

So bring what you're curious about, and learn something new.

Developers, here's a tip. If you want your PRs to be more likely to get picked up for testing and quicker by your friendly team tester, include a section "How to test".

I have a developer on my current team who write fantastic test instructions (not what to test, but how to setup). She's fantastic and it's absolutely wonderful to help getting the testing started quicker (and reduces some of the cognitive load).

A recording of yesterday's Steel Yourselves with @charrett and @therockertester is now available:

This post by @hiccupps keeps popping into my mind:

In my Agile consulting days, I used to attend to the chatter in the workplace to get an idea of whether this was a group of people told to do Agile or an actual team. Now that I think about it, I bet the physical character of the space – the "patina" – also affected my judgment.

What emotion do purchasers of fake nuclear reactors feel in hindsight?


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What emotion do unsuccessful monster hunters feel in Scotland?


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Would you like to improve your programming skills online? I recommend trying It's free and you can get feedback from real humans (if you're in the track, may be even from me 😀 ).

I wrote an article about the Exploratory Testing Principles, a first version. Check it out and hope it is helpful.

#testing #exploratorytesting #softwaretesting #QA #quality

As of a few hours ago I am available for new work opportunities. If you, or anyone you know, has an open test leadership role please reach out to me. I am currently in Florida, USA and would prefer a remote position in the USA; however, I am eligible to work in Canada and the UK as well and I am willing to consider any serious offer.

@johannarothman @hiccupps Or, as Adarsh ( has put it (citing Stafford Beer): 'The purpose of a system is what it does'

@hiccupps @TheTraveller 😀
And, I like the Paul Batalden quote:
"Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets"

A couple were rescued from inside a post box yesterday. They were discovered when they started shoving mail through the slot and shouting 'letters out!'

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When I robbed a Post Office the police locked me up in a parcell.

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