Well I'm casting about for my next role:

Want someone who can help set up teams for whole team quality, arm testers with knowledge, resources, and empowerment, set out quality visions, build internal communities, and has a focus on psychological safety? Hit me up!

I'd prefer a lead or principal level quality/coach role, but an interesting senior role could also be of interest.

MCR or remote pref, but occasional traveling is doable. Part time/4 days a week is also desired.

Boosts appreciated!

Today, I led a cross-team ensemble testing session alongside @lisihocke!

We brought some engineers from our two teams together, and over the course of an hour tested a feature being introduced to a shared code base.

OK, we overran a little, so call it 75 mins. oops!

It was a useful session, and started to establish a working pattern for the teams I hope we can repeat ❤️

I've moved my Mastodon account over to sw-development-is.social/@full

I've tried my best to migrate my followers, but I'm not sure how well it worked, and you might need to follow me again!

I'll try and make a bit more effort to post, as I see lot's of my old friends from Twitter on here :)

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