@GeePawHill I learned that from experience about 10 years ago. The status of the codebase is a reflection of the techniques, the skills and the choises made by the developers working on it.

After enought time it becomes the mirror of those things.

That way to change the status of the codebase is to change the techniques, the skills and the choises made - by improving them

@samir I see you're trying to stress your mastodon instance again 😉. Wish the tooling didn't drive the conversation so much. People equate PRs with code reviews because that's the only way you can do it in GitHub. But I used to be on teams that would do regular reviews of components or features as a whole and consider long term architectural changes as part of it. They could be great mobbing sessions as well.

"The stereotype of programmers as antisocial
represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what the job is.

Programmers, but the nature of the job, need to dive into someone else's domain." That takes social skills.


“What the leaders need to be doing is offering gifts to the developers. The developers are only going to listen to that if they trust you and appreciate what you want to give them. “

@emilybache on technical leadership


#Leadership #StaffPlus #SoftwareEngineering

Bechdel Test but for women at tech conferences getting to talk about their tech stuff, not being asked to talk about being women in tech at conferences.

🎸 We're *slighlty* overwhelmed to announce
will be speaking at #NewCrafts 2023. Kent's work has had a huge impact on our generation of developers and we look forward to sharing with him!

ℹ️ More information about speakers 👉🏻 buff.ly/3D1jk9g

Example 2: I stumbled over a very neat Config class in Flask (lnkd.in/eCygDMTu), which is basically a subtype of Dict with a lot of handy methods that fill the Dict from different sources like files, environment variables or objects.
This motivated and inspired me to do something similar in my own JavaScript tooling.

So after 2 weeks, deliberate code reading of unfamiliar code already had some significant impact on my code writing.


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@davenicolette @cvennevik It's really that simple. Fast feedback loops (including rock solid CI/CD etc), and healthy collaboration based in psychological safety. And yet...

London vs. Detroit TDD is not about tests, it is about the design of the system under test.

Those design details affect what kinds of tests we write, but more importantly they determine what it's like to work in the system: to read/understand/modify, as well as test.

The reason re-writing software for this year's sexy architecture doesn't work is that the re-writers will use the same techniques to make the new code that made the current code so hard to change.

They've reached the first insight, that their existing code must change. But they haven't reached the second insight, that *all* code in the modern world must change.

It was always the technique. It was never the architecture.

Until they adopt change-enabling technique, they're doomed to fail.

It’s very funny to me that the dominant Twentieth Century conception of AI was a slightly awkward nerd with an inhuman mastery of facts and logic, when what we actually got is smooth-talking bullshit artists who can’t do eighth-grade math.

The expression "soft skills" always grates on me. It's a common idiom and I probably need to get over it. But I hate the framing that we have this completely distinct bucket of "add-on" skills that we consider separately. Working with other people might have been optional once (maybe?), but it's a fundamental part of software engineering in 2023.

It's like if you said "they're a great programmer but need to learn how to write testable code"... no, that skill is part of good programming now!

Today, I had the opportunity to introduce the C4 model to my colleagues. I've prepared a couple of slides to share the big picture about C4. After the introduction, we've used a prepared Miro board to work on a simple Kata to practice what we've learned.

Tomorrow, we'll use C4 to start modelling the first two layers of our software system. 🤩

#LearningJourney #SammanCoaching #Kata #C4Model

It's @intellijidea's 22nd birthday today, and @HelenJoScott and I have a gift for you! The first 22 people to use this link get 22% off Getting to Know IntelliJ IDEA #IJBday22


SoCraTes UK, the unconference for software crafters, is back this June ... and this time with an optional day of training from some world-class crafters.

Help us get exclusive use of the venue and buy a ticket today: socratesuk.org

"A practice activity or game unrelated to the learning outcomes is a waste of valuable learning time." Sharon L. Bowman #TrainingFromTheBackOfTheRoom

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