@mostalive @westghost Thank you. That paper is very interesting. I can see how it pertains to teams of software developers communicating to themselves and to future maintainers through the code.

i think most people struggle with the accountability of remote work the way most people need group fitness classes, a personal trainer, or at least a gym for accountability — it’s easier to motivate when there are others around, easier to slack when you’re on your own

So uhm, I showed the idea of @emilybache's Guided Learning Hours to my teammates. We're yet to see if the idea 'clicks' for us.


And for those of us who've made it our mission , the fundamentals *are* the interesting part, because that's how we succeed at scale. Can't build a stable tower block without deep foundations.

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Just picked up the newly-published Second Edition of the AWK book. Amongst other things they recently updated original awk to natively deal with both Unicode characters and CSV files. The authors are all in their 80s. Respect.

PS There are a bunch of Kernighan videos on YouTube, ranging from the classic Bell Labs Unix overview from 1982 to more recent Computerphile ones and he's just delightful in all of them.

Ask 12 developers and you'll get 12 different answers, but what do you think? What are the "units" being tested in "unit tests"?

In a r/SoftwareEngineering thread on "#UnitTesting is a generalized approach not an ideal solution for all systems" I touch on why #XP and #TDD haven't taken over.

My rebuttal boils down to this: Does the lack of XP among businesses really mean it's less effective? Or are there other reasons it hasn't spread?

Here's the middle of the thread where it gets really interesting: reddit.com/r/SoftwareEngineeri

"This is legacy code that is in production: it is what it is. Unless I'm intentionally trying to change its behavior, its current behavior is correct."

qualitycoding.org/wrangle-lega #code #legacycode #approvaltests

Yes, you can ditch #GoogleMaps now..


#OrganicMaps is here. Use it while offline and feel good about a #privacy-respecting app that doesn't suck you dry of your personal information. Based on #OpenStreetMap this app is gonna blow #Google #Maps out of the water (hopefully ;)

@tdpauw @suksr It’s good to see Susanne in person again. She’s developed a really good methodology based on using Wardley mapping to illustrate and communicate all the steps and strategies. The focus on getting organization right using Team Topologies is key to making this work, but also the hardest part to implement.

Hey, this week the big climate-justice marches are happening. Sun 17th in New York, Fri 15th most other places. I totally support them. I won’t be going because I’m just too angry and might do something stupid. But if you have a better grip on yourself than I do, it’d be a good idea to go.

More on why I’m not marching: tbray.org/ongoing/When/202x/20

I don't want to be a leader. I don't want to follow leaders either. I want agency - setting my own goals, leading my own doing. And focusing on doing something, preferably with others.

Clarifying things might be what I do. Setting tasks for you is not a service I will provide.

Power Up the Good
a lot of the team problems go away once they start to collaborate -> software teaming, ensembling

Woody Zuill #lascot

Eng execs, and aspiring eng execs, talk a lot about personal brand. Generally, I think that's not a super interesting topic, much more interesting is building prestige.

"Brand" is active awareness, e.g. stuff you know about something. "Prestige" is ambient awareness, e.g. stuff you can find if you go look it up.


I published another guided learning hour video today, this time on the law of Demeter: youtu.be/Wa49D-akQb8 I'd love to hear what you think of it and if you try it out, how that goes.

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