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Thanks to @der_pesse for recommending "The programmer's brain".
I just started reading it, but I already like it a lot! 🤩

has started, and already the first session was great!
Got a lot of valuable input and things to think about & apply!

The most important metric for automated testing is "if the tests all pass, how comfortable am I just hitting deploy?"

Code coverage, test count, and all your other measurements can and should inform that metric, but ultimately that's the only metric that matters.

#PHP #Testing #Programming

With so many interesting people around here at #SoCraTes2023 , I’m finding it hard to focus on posting updates on social media…

This is an 🤩 amazing 🤩 event - you’ll just have to try it out and see for yourselves folks!!

So, I'm speaking at a conference soon. I'm invited to the speaker's dinner, but soft & alcoholic drinks are not covered and have to be paid by myself.
Is it just me who finds that strange?! 🤔

Done the tax shit, cleaned the house, and also practice my conference talk.

Why on earth can I chosse a future birthdate date of birth in the german tax administration software (Elster)? 🤔

I'm building a house currently, and now looking into Wifi access points.
Looking at Unifi at the moment.
Any resources on how to decide which model, how many APs, and where to place them?

I wish all electronic devices would be as durable as this little fella. Bought it for ~5 €, and it died last night, after 17+ years of service.

Error message from hell: Tell me which name it is, that is already in use, damn it! 😠

In October I will give my talk "Design Patterns to boost your Test Automation" at the - Hungarian Software Testing Forum in Budapest.

Check out the full programe, and see you there!

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