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One of the benefits of #Mastodon being #OpenSource: The EU can help make it more secure.

"Awards of up to EUR 5000 are available for finding security vulnerabilities in LibreOffice, LEOS, Mastodon, Odoo and CryptPad, open source solutions used by public services across the European Union. There is a 20% bonus for providing a code fix for the bugs they discover."
#EU #OpenCollaboration

I'm happy to announce that the Association for Software Testing (@AST) has graciously become a sponsor of

They're covering hosting costs for the coming year with the intent to help this instance serve as a vibrant and safe place for testers and developers to talk about the theory and practice of our work, have a laugh, provide support, feel supported, and gain access to the Fediverse.

Sehr lesenswert: Afd Politiker richtig beleidigen 😁

Aus dem Blättchen der Landeshauptstadt Saarbrücken.

Oh hell yeah. @mozilla is launching a Mastodon instance in early 2023! I’m very excited for this. Mozilla is really good at what they do. Firefox has over 200M monthly active users, and with any luck they’ll build better support for the fediverse into Firefox itself. Mastodon will greatly benefit from easy to use professionally run instances that can handle massive scaling

Since some of you use :
Do you think the paid subscription is worth it? What exactly makes it worthwhile for you?

I think it's time for this beer mat to retire.
The replacement is there to the rescue!
Thanks to @christovskia for handing it to me!

Working with Azure DevOps and wondering if there's an integrated option to visualize our branching, like you can with tools as Gitkraken, Fork, and Sourcetree.

Any ideas?

We're kinda limited in which external tools we're allowed to install.

#Software #softwaredevelopment #softwaretesting #git #azuredevops

Many thanks to the amazing participants in @witchofthetest & my #AgileTD workshop for these ideas to defeat imposter syndrome. I've already found a couple of them helpful for myself! 💜🦄 We are so happy we can share all these!

Seasonal reminder: Alcohol is a completely legal drug that destroys lives, relationships and families. Don't make it hard for people who are trying to stay sober to enjoy festivities and functions.

(The author of the image is

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As I'm talking about the move from birdverse to fediverse, @mattwynne put me on to this:

What tool are people using to crosspost from here to the bird platform?

Software development is a social activity

A social place intended as a chill hangout place for software testers, developers, or just about anyone involved in delivering software and who is interested in both the technical as well as the social side of things. is supported by the Association for Software Testing.

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