Why on earth can I chosse a future birthdate date of birth in the german tax administration software (Elster)? 🤔

@chrissbaumann You are aware about the content of the first letter each child receives in Germany, right? 😂
It only makes sense to do the tax declaration for your future children proactively


@the_qa_guy Yeah kind of.
I guess too much influence of the liberal party here. This is in the form for the "Feststellungserklärung Grundsteuer".
So the future birth date is in case I'm planning to buy real estate for my not yet born children?

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@chrissbaumann You're saying you DON'T plan to buy real estate for your not yet born children?!
Kidding aside, that's a very weird birthdate entry form and I'm wondering if there is a real use case that we're both missing. So far I couldn't come up with one.

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