I blogged about 2022 as a conference speaker: "2022 – the year I made it into public speaking"

I hosted 10 sessions at 6 events in 5 countries.


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@chrissbaumann That's an awesome accomplishment! I'm looking forward to see what you will achieve in 2023

@the_qa_guy Thanks Tobi!
It will for sure be less, since lots of events don't fit my schedule and I also started building a house. 😉
But I want to and will continue public speaking.

@chrissbaumann Oooh, building a house is an interesting way to spend your time for sure. All the best with that!
Is it your first time?
I remember a saying when we were building our flat: You build the first house for an enemy, the second one for a friend and the third one for yourself. Keeping my fingers crossed that the first house will be for yourself 🤞

@the_qa_guy Thank you!
Interesting, never heard that!
Well, it's the first time building a house, after buying a completely renovated one, and completely renovating another one.
So yes, I quite have some experiences in terms of what I like and what works for me.

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