Seems German XING company has layoffs started.

If you are in need of good product and IT people, now is a good time to approach and poach.

Please share for more reach.

@the_qa_guy @alex_schl

"It was somebody else's precious, we should have just called it that". So much fun ensemble programming some playwright tests with @alex_schl and @ez

Love to see how mad the Onion is here. More folks should be this mad about this.

If you want a really solid critique, it's actually here too. They put their *all* into this piece and while it's sarcastic as usual, it really does cover *so many* aspects of how horrible the current trend of "news" in this space has been.

Go read it:

strategic weekend edition! I'm channelling my inner velocirraptor for the brain work I need!

After wondering why I'm feeling weird yesterday, the migraine in the night explained it. Why it had to be combined with grief nightmares is just unexplainable. Send cuddly animals.


This talk by was voted the best talk at EuroSTAR 2022! Its message was so powerful we asked her to bring it to us at AutomationSTAR, and now, she presents on this important subject for Inspiration Week. Save your Seat >>


Also making progress in financial understanding ... After seeing the financial results for a project, I remembered to ask what that means for the contribution margin.

Me, a professional: does an awesome talk.

Also me: notices the soup stain on her jumper too late.

I was asked to give an impulse talk for 2023 for project leads at a customer. I chose to focus on 'what if our motivation isn't where we want it to be' and how to look after ourselves instead of talking about productivity and powering through. It was well received 🥰

I just did some very strategic thinking and now I'm proud of myself but also all of my brain cells are tired.

Like, instead of being annoyed at a calmer evening, I'm more mindful that it's part of my role as a partner *and* it helps me to remain physically and mentally well. Hungarian homework is directly in line with my value of 'learning'. This feels good so far...

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On my journey to balancing all the things I wanna do/see/experience without burning out, I've been using the '7 hats' analogy to plan how my 'roles' look each week. So far it's giving me clarity and is helping me to enjoy things more because I see how they relate to my vision ❤️


I just came across somebody whose last name is Null. I cannot imagine the grief the poor guy is going through on a daily basis 😄


Just did my first run in about 4 months, post neck injury. Managed almost 5k at a very slow pace, which is more than I was expecting, and also a testament to my stubbornness because yesterday was leg day and boy did they hurt 🤣🤪💪

I also learned a lot more about OneToMany, ManyToMany, Lists Vs Sets and something about multiple bags....

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Learned once again last night that taking a break will help you to find the solution. So way after we'd given up, we realised what to Google for and ended up solving the problem just before midnight 🦉🤪💪 (not a work problem).


Today the BBC is blaming the resignation of a woman on a failure to "balance work and family," while then launching into the fact that the same woman led her country through three devastating events: A pandemic, volcanic eruption and terrorist attack.


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