tips for being more #positive about your work!

❌ “I can’t fix this bug no matter what I try”
✔ “I am an avant-garde software artist”

❌ “my code won’t compile”
✔ “this is an abstract piece”

❌ “I never get around to implementing any of the features I want”
✔ “I consider myself a minimalist“

❌ “sorry I forget to document my code…”
✔ “my art is about the journey, not the destination”

❌ “I have never finished a project”
✔ “I prefer to leave the ending open to interpretation”

❌ “sorry, this software is not compatible with ( )”
✔ “here I have chosen to make a political statement against ( )”

❌ “this memory leak causes the program to crash”
✔ “this program symbolizes the transience of mortality and reminds us all what is important in life”

Today my life feels like constantly being late for appointments and then also having to fit in more. Weekend please!

Coined a new word to try to describe my technical skills. I'm a develo-pair. I don't develop alone but I do in combination with others.

Assume the woman on stage is technical. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

I'm in my second talk at Java Forum Nord where the importance of reading code is being highlighted, and referencing @Felienne book. Good stuff! @maritvandijk

Note to self. Get tamagotchis. It needs to survive a week before you get the right to have a new test environment. #RegretfulManagers out of box skill building.

Graduating from testing to managing, you will just have to accept there are some questions you won't ask. No matter how you want to. #RegretfulManagers #Wisdom

Managers don't get to use common sense a lot of the time because they are often having to deal with uncommon nonsense - As always a joy with @ez and @maaretp

Am I a developer now? I spent so much time installing npm and nvm with my friend that I forgot the problem I was trying to solve. Also it still doesn't work.

I'd say we're improving at test data but it's not always true 🤣❤️ @ez @maaretp

'# we don't care. look at us not caring.'

The trio @maaretp @alex_schl @ez is doing the usual learning related code commenting...

#EnsembleProgramming or #EnsembleTesting on #python #playwright with @ez and @alex_schl is always the highlight of the day. We have so much fun with naming things and playing with language.

I never learn so much and laugh so much as when I'm working with @ez and @maaretp 🩷

I want you to know that local storage is so hard that we needed a shadow cookbook and a great deal of copy paste to manage it 🤣 @maaretp @ez

"prompt engineering" - what a sad job. So you spend all day trying to figure out the exact sequence of words that will get the computer to do the thing you want lol


Oh noe

Seems German XING company has layoffs started.

If you are in need of good product and IT people, now is a good time to approach and poach.

Please share for more reach.

@the_qa_guy @alex_schl

"It was somebody else's precious, we should have just called it that". So much fun ensemble programming some playwright tests with @alex_schl and @ez

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